ATELIER130 x JoeFish


Installation at Zaituna Bay

Organized by Matisse events

Joe fish commissioned Atelier130 to create a wish fountain where people would “wish upon a star fish”. Our idea started by taking Joe Fish’s logo and transforming it into a star. Through the process of transformation, the rounded logo becomes more triangulated. It becomes Joe fish’s new identity in the field of stars.

To create the wish fountain, we used the star as a base and extruded it into the new Joe fish’s outline. The result is an origami-like sculpture. The object will be assembled in steel. It fits, in color, with its surrounding at the zaitunay bay platform, while the interior uses joe fish’s tonalities. A little water pump and LED lighting turn the object into an interactive wish fountain.

Pass by. Toss a coin. Make a wish. It might happen to you!