Our practice combines creative ideas with technical
expertise, in order to create spaces for people to live in.

– Creative Living Spaces
– Committed to better living spaces

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Founded in 2010 by Nathalie Habr and Halim Khoriaty, A130 is a Beirut based Atelier inspired by the multicultural city, its complexity and multi-faceted façades.

2019 marks the new venture for the Atelier on African grounds. Together with their partner Nadine Bourgi, an Abidjan-based Atelier is born.

Our practice combines creative ideas with technical expertise, in order to create spaces for people to live in.

Committed to provide you with better living spaces


A130 assembles a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of architects with commitment to quality design.
A130 has put a strong emphasis on contemporary architecture and new thinking.A130 paves the way for an inspiring journey through space and structure.
By capturing what the environment has to offer, A130 shape spaces that stimulate the senses while constantly improving user engagement.


With a fast growing portfolio of residential, industrial and commercial projects, A130 has built its reputation on contemporary, functional, distinctive and organic spaces.
A130 strives to design a space that blends gracefully into its environment. The result: An eye-catching exploration of texture, color and material composition.
A130 is all about simplicity in design matched with a meticulous attention to detail: Ergonomics, fluid movement, natural light and ventilation are all hallmarks of A130’s work.
A130 composes beauty, experience and function.


In chronological order:

Halim Khoriaty (architect)
Nathalie Habr (architect)
Joanne Hayek (architect)
Celine Stephan (architect)
Dima Boulad (graphic designer)
Stephanie Khoriaty (landscape architect)
Elio Habr (interior architect)
Ziad Chakhtoura (interior architect)
Firas Abou Fakher (architect)
Bilal El Jouni (architect)
Marianne Geagea (architect)
Yara El Hachem (architect)
Stephanie Aoun (interior architect)
Andriana Azadian (student)
Alik Ohanian (interior architect)
Nadine Bourgi (interior architect)
Samer Nehme (architect)
Theo Terzian (student)
Helen Chartouni (student)
Dalia Khalife (interior architect)
Anabelle Saleh (architect)
Maya Moukaddem (architect)
Robin Stephan (architect)
Ghida Bahsoun (architect)
Ali Khansa (architect)
Ruth (architect)
Chloe Karam (interior architect)
Jad Bousaba (architect)
Kone (interior architect)
SamaRemy Assaf (architect)
Gabriel El Khoury (architect)
Jad Saber (architect)
Mohammad Coulibaly Parfait (interior architect)
Tarek Mroue (architect)
Serge Guy (interior architect)
Sasha Yamout (architect)
Karim Thermos (Architect)