A micro-climate


Dekwaneh, Beirut


20,000 sq.m

CMC is the leading Construction Material Company in Lebanon. For their new headquarters in Dekwaneh’s industrial area, they chose to utilize their plot in two tiers:

-A front facade exposed to high traffic and footfall that consists of a showroom, administrative offices and employees’ living areas: (Garden, Gym, Cafeteria…).

-A back façade designed to accommodate the trucks, deliveries, and containers that the business requires.

The front volume shaped with a light concrete skin is characterized by square pixelated openings of various sizes that channel and reflect the environment behind, revealing the various clusters of life in the offices. The more solid block in the back cuts through the transparency of the front façade, it accommodates linear high windows and creates the operational shelter required for the loading bays – hidden from the high traffic.